Friday, June 21, 2013

Gobelins Annecy signal films 2012 and 2013

Start here to view the Gobelins signal films for Annecy in 2012 :

Here are the Gobelins signal films for Annecy 2013 -


Gobelins channel on Vimeo:


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Little Boat" by Nelson Boles

Found via CartoonBrew (thanks Amid).

Beautiful film by Cal Arts student Nelson Boles. 

It’s become a cliche reaction now, but I still feel compelled to say that when I see work like this (and Nelson’s other student film: “This one time…” I can’t understand why the major studios are not grabbing these artists and putting them to work on fresh, new hand-drawn films. This sensibility could truly reignite interest in hand-drawn animation.  Films like this, or Ian Worrel’s shorts (, and the various Gobelins shorts, among many other examples which could be named, show that stylistically and thematically there is still so much new ground to be covered with both hand-drawn short films and features which are not merely re-treads of earlier Disney or Warner Bros. styles.

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Rain Town" by Hiroyasu Inshida , Kyoto Seika University

"Rain Town" by Hiroyasu Inshida

(if you click through to the YouTube page I suggest switching it to 720p HD mode for better image quality)

The opening titles say:
"In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped.
Residents moved out to suburbs and high ground around
"rain town."
People's memories are now deeply submerged.
But into this forgotten rainy town
sometimes, someone wanders."

Graduation film by Hiroyasu Inshida
made at Kyoto Seika University. 

Animated and colored using  TVP Animation:

Monday, March 7, 2011

"Maestro Cuisine"

This graduation film, "Maestro Cuisine" was animated by students at LISAA (L'Institut Superieure des Arts Appliques) a French school with campuses in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, and Strasbourg.

"Maestro Cuisine" Credits:

Julien Ducher (decoration, background), Romain Verdier (animation), Kim Marc Huynh (animation)

"Le Royaume"

This graduation film is by Gobelins students De Nuno ALVES-RODRIGUES, Oussama BOUACHERIA, Julien CHHENG, Aymeric KEVIN, S├ębastien HARY, Franck MONIER, Ulysse MALASSAGNE.

Color Script and other "making of" material about "Le Royaume" -

Making of 'Le Royaume'


Friday, November 26, 2010

The Arctic Circle by Kevin Parry

Stop-Motion graduation film , "The Arctic Circle" , by Kevin Parry, made at Sheridan College.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Death Buy Lemonade" by Kyu-bum Lee

Death Buy Lemonade created by Kyu-bum Lee at Sheridan College.

Death Buy Lemonade from Cartoon Brew TV on Vimeo.

More about Kyu-Bum Lee and the making-of the film posted on Cartoon Brew:

The story reel (animatic) -

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Monkey and the Elephant by Boris Maras

The Monkey and the Elephant by Boris Maras, Sheridan College 2010.

He animated this in 2 months.

From Boris Maras's blog:

"Keeping my film rough was a big decision. Amanda and I were both considering cleaning up and colouring our films, but we would have had to rush the animation so much and we really wanted to learn as much as we could about animation. Keeping them this way, I think we learned a lot about our limits and we have a way better idea for how approach a short film now.
The idea for my film was pretty different up until February, the characters were pretty much the same but the situation they were in was different. It was risky because I had to throw away the animation I had already done and around 25-30 layouts, but I think I made the right decision for what I want to pursue.
I started animating around the middle of February and animated up until our deadline of April 19th. It was the craziest 2 months of my life but I'm really happy with the amount that I learned during the process of making my film and hope I can make another one soon."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Slim Pickings, Fat Chances" by David de Rooij and Jelle Brunt

Slim Pickings Fat Chances is a student film by David de Rooij and Jelle Brunt from the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands.

Official film website:
Filmmaker website: Jelle Brunt
Filmmaker website: David de Rooij

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New shorts from the Gobelins School for 2010 Annecy festival

Another great crop of student films from the Gobelins School in Paris , made for the 2010 Annecy Animation Festival . All are 1:00 minute or less . Shows that you can do a lot in only one minute !

I love the fact that besides the solid animation and design work that these films put a great deal of emphasis on the cinematography . These films are built on a solid foundation of classical animation, but with a modern sensibility in terms of the camera work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"EAT!" by Jeff Liu

"EAT!" by Jeff Liu, made at Cal Arts. (third year film)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chris Chua - "The Gift"

"The Gift" , animated by Chris Chua at Cal Arts.

Not a "grad film" , but I thought this was a nice example of a short solo student film that reminds us of how effective a well-drawn "pencil test" format film can be.

Chris's sophomore year film "The Gift" -

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Volgens de vogels" by Linde Faas

"Volgens de vogels" (According to Birds), a 2008 graduation film by Linde Faas at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda, Netherlands.
Hand-drawn pencil animation.

Here is Linde Faas's showreel:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Charade" by Jon Minnis

"Charade" by Jon Minnis, made at Sheridan College , International Summer School of Animation.

This film was entirely animated and colored (with Pantone markers on paper) by Jon Minnis during a single summer term (3 months) at Sheridan College. Jon had some help on the coloring, but did all the animation himself.

This film is a great example of very careful planning and an elegant minimalism which allowed a 4-and-half minute film to be completed almost single-handedly by a student working to a very tight deadline. Jon Minnis spent about 4 months prior to starting animation polishing his script and doing a very tight well-developed storyboard/animatic , so that when he started animating he was able to hit the ground running and get the entire film animated in 3 months.

The original was completed and shot on 16 mm film at Sheridan College in the summer of 1984. When Jon Minnis was hired soon after graduation by Michael Mills Productions in Montreal he was able to re-shoot all the artwork from the film on 35mm courtesy of his employer Michael Mills (hence the credit before the title: "Michael Mills Productions presents"). The film had a theatrical run in Canada and in the United States . "Charade was nominated for and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1985. It also won the Genie Award (the Canadian Oscars) for "Best Theatrical Short Film" in 1985.


JURANNESSIC is a short film made by students at the Gobelins School in Paris.

This was shown as an opening film at the Annecy Animation Festival.

"Anniversary" by Ghostbot

Ok ,this one is not a student film .

 However, I thought it was a great example of the type of short film that would be a nearly perfect student film project : only 1:06 long, and yet it tells a story with an unexpected twist at the end .

Most student films tend to be too ambitious in terms of running time or complexity. This film has a beautiful simplicity.

This short film , "Anniversary" was done off-hours by employees at Ghostbot Studio (you've probably seen their animation in the ads for E-surance, among other things).

Direct link to a better quality Quicktime movie version on the GhostBot site: